We cordially invite you to 2018 KALCI international conference. KALCI (Korean Association for Learner-centered Curriculum and Instruction) is an association where scholars and educators in different subject areas (e.g., math, science, language, arts, etc.) as well as education in general share their ideas and interests to promote the quality of curriculum and instructions. KALCI publishes a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Journal of Learner-Centered Curriculum and Instruction (KCI listed journal), and issues 24 times per year.

The theme of the 2018 KALCI international conference is “Exploring new visions for curriculum and instruction in the 4th industrial revolution era.” With several prominent foreign scholars from different countries, we would like to discuss new directions of curriculum and instruction which support our students to foster key competencies as future citizens. You will enjoy all invited talks and presentations covering this theme during the KALCI conference.

Ewha Womans University is very proud to host the 2018 KALCI international conference. Ewha was founded by a Methodist missionary called Mary F. Scranton in 1886, and now it has grown into the world's best female university. Ewha has more than 21,000 students and 12 colleges including college of medicine, law, engineering and natural science, art, and education. The location of Ewha is the best of best for you to experience Korean modern and traditional cultures. You can visit Gyeongbok Palace, Insa-dong street, Seoul tower and Namdaemun traditional market. We also visit history museums and art centers nearby.

Please join the KALCI international conference. The KALCI conference will be a good place where you meet new colleagues and scholars to share your research interests, build strong friendship, and taste Korean cultures.

We look forward to meeting all of you at Ewha Womans University!

Myunghee Kang, President of KALCI

Seungryul Lee, Chair of KALCI conference

Hyunju Lee, Local organizing committee chair